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3D Design

With 3D we breathe life into all of your projects

Opting for 3D, is choosing a better presentation of your products in the form of animation with stunning visual effects.
We offer 3D modelling services, modelling 3D character for animation, 3D natural environment design, architectural visualization, presentation of three-dimensional objects of all kinds.
Using computerized techniques, we realize your 3D projects with the final rendered in computer graphics or photorealistic.
3D & 2D Animation

Your animations with impressive visual effects

Your vision is the starting point, your ideas are the framing, and our imagination is your springboard. We create magical 3D virtual worlds in which your content is animated either from a script or a storyboard.
We also provide design commercial 2D / 3D, motion design, architectural visualization, character animation, cartoon design 2D / 3D design animation, object animation, simulation of natural environment. WIXOON supports all your 3D projects.

Diving into the heart of the world of special effects

We create breathtaking visual effects (VFX). WIXOON performs simulations of objects, environments, characters, phenomena difficult to achieve on the actual plan of hyper realistic 3D backgrounds.
With compositing, we realize actual plan inlaid in virtual worlds and vice versa. Our techniques can be used in film, post production for all kinds of simulation and faking.
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